When Chess Cheaters Get Caught

Chess cheaters have been an ongoing issue for a while, so in this video we’ll be showing moments where these chess cheaters get caught during the act.


Note: Richard Rapport in thumbnail is not a cheater, just needed a thumbnail that was over the board
(Sorry in advance)


  1. cheating on a mind game is like cheating your mind

  2. But how do you come to the conclusion that someone is cheating?

    In the case of Magnus, if his opponent runs out of time, maybe it shows that he is thinking a lot?

  3. This is the first time I've ever heard of the Internet being used for something nefarious.

  4. 4:41 How hard is to pronounce a 3 syllable name. Viswanathon ? really ? Its Vish-wa-nath Anand. Simple phonetic

  5. Imagine being a billionaire and having the audacity to cheat in charity chess game in web cam live broadcasted to the history. I doubt he also cheated his way to billion

  6. How can you tell if someone is cheating online, I mean yes you see a low rated player beating a master and knows those lines to play but what if that player has a high Fide rating and recently started to play online, wouldn't it take sometime for his/her true raiting to rise by playing more matches.

  7. Blurred the face of the man in the thumbnail because he wasn't a cheater?

  8. Ok Ok… How tf did he pronounce Vishwanath Anand…..

  9. I'm sure Magnus plays everyday against GM ai and could recognize ai movements fairly quickly. I don't even play ranked or w/e but playing against a friend I knew he was cheating quickly. Doing moves i've never seen him play. Every move being nearly perfect in execution with no counter play.

  10. That guy is smart enough to become a billionaire, but not smart enough to know everyone is going to be well aware he's cheating? wtf?

  11. It was time, who beat the stockfish, not manus carlsen

  12. I drew against someone using an engine in atomic once. They accused me of playing human moves.😅.

  13. One of the saddest things about online chess is the frequency in which I encounter opponents playing with 95%+ accuracy. I normally run an average of 1700-1800, but when I'm getting licked by a 700 or less, it's painfully obvious they're using a tool. Sometimes I make blunders, and I'll admit to that. What shocks me though is when I openly call out the shenanigans, they deny it up and down, and then subsequently change their play style to something that isn't tool assisted, demonstrating their actual skill level, but only once they've obtained an overwhelming advantage.

  14. Even middle schoolers know how to look at a screen without looking at the screen. This cheater is a moron.

  15. How does someone cheat in chess? I'm genuinely confused

  16. I hope that there was very good evidence to prove that the challengers were cheating against grandmasters & not that Pride moved Policy into action? Are there instances of players challenging Grandmasters & not cheating? New to the online chess community, but ive been playing for 23 years.

  17. This is why I don't play online chess. Play face to face.

  18. Why cheat it takes the thrill away. Disgusting.

  19. At 1.17 did white make TWO moves?

  20. I had a situation on lichess where my opponent simply swept me off the board with every move, and on top of that, he insulted me and made fun of me. I was shocked, furious with anger and helplessness. I was only relieved when my opponent got banned after the game. A very sad and psychologically devastating situation. Why are people so malicious that they cheat even in meaningless games?

  21. Piease use better proof then accusing a player of cheating because he looks in a sertain direction. Over or under estimating your strengths is not cheating is just pragging.

  22. Lol this zerodha founder is cheating in charity event god know what he does in real life with traders and all

  23. Lol this zerodha founder is cheating in charity event god know what he does in real life with traders and all

  24. The Anand Sacrifice is a real life checkmate.

  25. 4:37 Not exactly. Stockfish could probably have defeated magnus.
    But the cheater had to manually enter the moves suggested by Stockfish and probably also had to manually enter the moves made by Magnus so Stockfish knew the position.
    So the cheater had to spend seconds on every move.
    A good player that cheats might be able to play some obvious moves quickly but a bad player cheater can't. And even a good player that cheats will still need some time to to gives the moves to Stockfish after he quick played them so that his ability to play some obvious moves quickly is mostly negated if his opponents keeps playing quickly.
    The end result is that the cheater runs out of time.
    Of course, Magnus is an extremely good player and he knows the tells of a cheater and he knows the strengths of Stockfish so he tried to keep the board in a position where the computer doesn't have a big advantage over him.
    And even if Magnus didn't know for sure that his opponent was cheating (he probably did), he was assuredly seeing how he was bleeding time and played on that.

    A loss by end of time with unhurried moves at the end is by itself a big tell that there the player is a bad player cheating. A good player that is about to run out of time will play more quickly. He will probably make some blunder because of that but his overall chess level will still remain decent or half-decent. A cheater will refrain from doing that because doing so means playing without the help of Stockfish which will quickly show how abysmal their real chess level is; they can't afford to do that so they keep the slow pace and lose by lack of time.

  26. Anand acted like a real bitch on that third one. It was a charity event against a rich guy who doesn't play chess. Who fucking cares?

  27. Cheating just furthers your lack of intelligence

  28. @4:29 "Stockfish, even renowned chess bot couldn't defeat Magnus" it's not the issue of Stockfish not being able to beat Magnus, even 15 year old stockfish on 15 year old computer would be impossible for Magnus, he has said that he doesn't play chess bots, cause they make him feel dumb. And never claimed he could beat a chess bot like stockfish.

  29. The billionaire dude didn't even apologize, bro just doubled down and claimed Vishy knew he was using an engine, and they both agreed that he would cheat to give him a "learning experience" on how chess engines work. BRUH

  30. Indian and billionaire? Impossible not to be a cheater 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Im top 1 stone in chess online but my elo is only 217

  32. This video is pretty bad because you fail to elaborate on "how" people are "cheating" until 4:35. I understood from the start due to tech background (or chess background that has come across this issue) but many people wont understand that cheating entails using AI to process and calculate the best moves across an extreme number of simulated outcomes, or that AI is involved at all. The use of "cheating" in this video is excessively vague until 4:35 when Stockfish is elaborated on. Do better in your videos because critical information like this can be the difference between a high quality and a trash video.

  33. Could you imagine being magnus, having the bragging rights that an AI designed to stomp at chess,being deployed by a chester in a game, still could not defeat him. I'd pee my pants everytime I pass by a mirror knowing who I am! Thats so freaking cool that some people can be so good at something that I myself arent even close (my elo in chess coasts around 500 -600. I just learned this year how to play for the first time at 28 years old. Ive played around 30 games or so probably, so I cant be to hard on myself but good lord magnus almost defeated an AI built specifically for that. Thats so impressive to me haha

  34. Magnus himself plays like a machine, that's why a cheater can't win against him. 🤣

  35. Artificial Intellignece vs. Actual Intelligence

  36. how do you even cheat online, video did not explain how

  37. The moment in your life where you must apologize in front of the chess community 😂😂

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  40. Not elexender but Magnus vs stockfish 😂

  41. who gaf if he cheated boohoo like why he have to apologize what they gonna do cry ? 😂😂

  42. Can wearing a watch be considered as cheating????

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