When the opponent plays Botez Gambit

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  1. I hate that I song this in a kermit voice its just too good

  2. She is looking like female version of vlogger luke demant 😂😂😂😂

  3. Cant decide if shes attractive or not 😂

  4. Next thing you know she plays the Botez Gambit right back

  5. “Don’t recite the dark magic to me witch. I was there when it was written.”

  6. Light squared bishop ain't doing a thing and missed a skewer lol😆

  7. why is no one talking about that they both blundered in the opening, the oppenent did botez gambit 2 times

  8. Are we going to just ignore the fact that there was Ba6 from 10 – 12

  9. Damn ain't nobody talking about how beautiful she is?😂

  10. When folk think she is smart but is an ONLYFANS account.

  11. Yo hablo español hola a los de habla inglesa, nadie vio que se podia comer a la dama en los primeros movimientos???.

  12. como se llama el sito web para jugar ese ajedrez?

  13. how to do u make it when u touch the piece u can see where it goes is ther a setting for that ?

  14. She literally missed the queen right at the start😭

  15. Around 7 minutes in they also could’ve taken the queen lol

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