Why Hikaru is the best in the world

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  1. Why Gotham, if you're making this to show hikaru's gameplay, show us the borad from his side

  2. Its like being up a goal but playing Real Madrid 2022 in champions League

  3. Hikaru was born in the same year as me. Learning that fact made me feel very unaccomplished.

  4. He’s one of the best in the world but not the best , please

  5. He changes his 🐐 faster than my dad's leaving and arriving home to buy a milk for me

  6. Streaming hundreds of hours. A week. Week = 7 days; 7 * 24 = 168 hours xD
    And he's streaming hundreds of hours a week 😛

  7. Hikaru is bit unlucky, borned at the same era as Magnus

  8. I literally came from a comment section fighting over who is better between gotham and hikaru and here's the video😂

  9. Heavy adderall dose this morning, huh? Lol

  10. I know nothing, but Hikaru is the best defender ever

  11. Hikaru is a great player but that first game is all about opponent's inaccuracy move in the end. I don't know how hikaru feel but I wouldn't be happy if Gotham said I'm the best defender & showed this game lol. 1000 elo player would easily see rook b4. undefended
    pawn one square from quening and you can stop it.

  12. Another a reason why Gotham is too geezer he called it football not soccer

  13. Can you do another video with Hikaru where you evaluate positions separately? Great video.

  14. Magnus literally does the same thing.. in fact he gives more of a head start

  15. Pov: When there is 1 secong increment on the clock against Hikaru. 2:06

  16. there is a player that is better – no need to mention who

  17. bro thinks he'll become hikaru's fav. streamer.

  18. "Streaming hundreds of hours a week"???
    Bro do the math 😂

  19. Its not possible to beat me in ,, certain games,, and Hikaru is not the best

  20. Magnus goat 🎉🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂😂

  21. there are 168 hours in a week. yet hikaru streams for hundreds of hours a week. pure genius

  22. it's disrespect to the King from the h2 pawn

  23. update comming soon…. theres this other guy…. ehh…. M..something-something

  24. The title is misleading, Hikaru is not the best player in the World, Magnus is in classical Chess And regarding blitz its actually firouza in the last fide ranking And in rápid its Liren

  25. Amazing commentary! I feel so hyped that I started a game and lost 😂

  26. WRONG. Magnus is the best of all time and abouve all.

  27. If hikaru plays blackk is he Nigamura?

  28. None like Garry Kasparov hes the greatest of all time

  29. "… this dude is a twenty eight hundred. I'm a twenty hundred blitz player… at my… at my best. At my worst like you know twentyseven uh ya know… twenty… twenty eight…sh… eighteen hundred. " – Levy
    LMAO listening
    Dude i just had to share for me the humorist part here

  30. "This man is 2800. I am 2800 at my best. At my worst I am… I am 27, 20… 1800" ahahahahha

  31. I watched a video of Hikaru beating one 2000 rated player after the next after sacrificing his queen for a minor piece or even a pawn.. Insane.

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