why you gotta do agadmator like that levy

On June 24th, Agadmator, IM Levy Rozman and WGM Qiyu Zhou and Hikaru all played 4 player chess. This is an excerpt. (please follow the twitch channel – the next 4 player chess will include GM Aryan Tari, Norway #2)

In this video:
IM Levy Rozman of GothamChess ➡️ …
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WGM Qiyu Zhou ➡️

And the one and only Agadmator ➡️

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  1. What has to be the most obscure reference ever on a chess channel, Qiyu calls Agadamator "Ivan Mauger" (pronounced Ivan Major) at 28:23. Ivan Mauger is arguably the greatest speedway rider that ever lived.

  2. Hikaru: "It's free for all"
    Qiyu: sweats profusely

  3. I'm poor at chess but something tells me that I'd be even worse at anti-chess if that's even possible.

  4. 15:13 Gotham took advantage of Agadmator's queen, which could not move due to his being in check, to checkmate Nemsko. Gosh, how much deeper can it get!?

  5. 7:00 I probably laughed to this harder than I should xdxd.

    Edit: 15:12 LOL that premove queen blunder xd.

  6. Your all amazing but I'm watching this because of agamator make me laugh everytime hahaha

  7. Your all amazing but I'm watching this because of agamator make me laugh everytime hahaha

  8. lol LEVI keeps throwing on the Eastern European accent with Agadmator in the games..

  9. oof 38:4439:00

    gotham was very fierce this video. he was performing very well against them and it was intense. maybe GM gothamchess is something i should be afraid of actually…

  10. Disabling premove is the biggest nerf for Hikaru.

  11. I love how agadmator is the only real non master here and is keeping up so well

  12. (why it's not the first time I see yet another video with Levy and he's doing something like Russian accent or something, just curious)

  13. It's odd to hear agadmator speak without him saying 'captures, captures' or 'it was at this point he resigned'

  14. I spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out the checkmate at 18.15 to 18.30 before resuming and realising that you can claim a win…..

  15. 11:30 Very crazy actually, if hikaru get his king taken on the back rank and then pushes the pawn and agadmator putting his king in the same file as hikaru there would a crazy sitution arise where levy can take everbodys last piece and decided who will be the winner of this game

  16. I thought I was mating her but I wasn't

  17. Even in anti chess I would still lose…so it doesn't matter

  18. Levy's Whopa is just SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD

  19. I better stop watching anti-chess 😂 lol I'll get confused with regular chess.

  20. Haha someone said she wasn't good at anti chess and she wins 😂

  21. That last game Levy didn't move his pieces to the center or help 🆘 his teammate.

  22. They pick on agadmator so much. It’s like petty child bullying – sad to see

  23. These are the friends I want, I wish I could teleport into this circle. Competitive, brilliant, witty and wise — if this were a tv show I’d watch it over friends

  24. 15:51: Levy: One move away from promotion – Agad: Six moves away from promotion
    Six moves later…
    15:57: Levy: One move away from promotion – Agad: Has a queen

  25. wowsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 13:19 hikaru just declined the challenge and said I didn't get the challenge 😂😂

  27. Everyone else is getting ready for the next game and Hiraku spends 3 minutes analyzing a 4 player antichess game. :p

  28. In antichess first game, if levy had been allowed to push his pawn one further in the end, nemsko ( I'm not sure how to spell qiu) would have had to take it right? So the game would have continued

  29. them: "computers are gonna take over the world"

    meanwhile, computers: 20:30 lag because chess players are thinking faster than their engines can keep up with💀

  30. I think Nemo did not have the win in the first antichess game. Hikaru can go to what I would call yellows g4, after which both Hikaru or Nemo would have won. As I write this I notice Hikaru realised it afterwards.

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