WIN AT CHESS in 6 moves!

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  1. The worst part is my robot competitor is never in that 1 million.

  2. I always played e4 after dxc4, but the tactic doesn't work then.

  3. No one I play ever accepts the queens gambit. Looks fun though.

  4. That is, if me and my opponents knows what we are doing.

  5. Well, if you’re dumb like me, you probably won’t win after the 6th move

  6. I do win most of these games as white, but never underestimate the ability to lose won games. I really like it when black tries to get out of this with Qa5+.

  7. To many turns. 4 moves till win from start with white. Four move checkmate with either Queen horse or queen bishop credit to Patton

  8. Successfully pulled this off in a game

  9. How to hypothetically maybe get up one piece and six moves

  10. "Win a chess game in 6 moves"
    *shows us how to take 1 peice"

  11. I don't decline cuz i'm a coward
    I decline cuz I don't know any chess openings

  12. You may win a game in 6 moves but I can lose one in 2

  13. “If they decline because they’re cowards.”

    Yeah, tell that to the guy who has the super-heavy ICBMs that are known as the Albin Countergambit (Lasker Trap variation).

    If you know what I’m talking about, you know.

  14. My opponent from my last game: instructions unclear i got smothered mate

  15. So i tried this and lost to stockfish 1 infinite time 😁👍🏼

  16. I dont know how to win the game because my dad always play his first move pawn b5

  17. Thank you for revealing a trap that I read in a book and I thought only I knew😊😊😊😊😊😊

  18. I know how to defeat opponent in 4 moves

  19. What if queen b5 then queen F1 and then knight mate?

  20. Yes the queen takes the rook but your opponent can trap your queen in the corner, and take your queen

  21. A full rook? I usually only win half a rook, damn

  22. Benoni players be like

    OK You forgot me sir

  23. i beat a person in 5 moves so it starts with e4 then knight c3 and then white played queen c3 so i played d5 and then white played d3 and then i played bishop b4 and white played queen c4 and i ate the e4pawn with the d5 pawn and white ate the pawn with the d3 pawn and i played D1 and checkmated white in just 5 moves

  24. “How to win a chess game in 6moves”

    Game : isn’t checkmate after 6moves

    Me : you really over-estimate my capabilities

  25. I tried but that coward win…

  26. People play A6 in modt of my queen's gambit game

  27. I just did in in a 1 minute bullet game and it worked and I won🎉🎉🎉

  28. It's like the trap in the old Benoni opening 😂

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