WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. Why can the queen not be taken :I'm a beginner

  2. I actually beat Magnus Carlson with this very move. 😂

  3. This is trash. This is hope chess. Don't misslead people by claiming this trash will win in 8 moves. The Englund never wins! Play real chess kids

  4. Bro I just stated playing chess and it’s deferent, I’m so bad fr

  5. ok but i nvr seen anyone play their queen pawn opening thingy

  6. This is a good chess lesson in made me win 5 times!

  7. Bro could have just captured w the knight 💀💀💀💀

  8. Me after the opponent doesn't use the same scripted move : "Hey can we undo the match? Pls"

  9. Sorry if its a bad question i dont know chess that much but how and why cant the bishop takes the queen ?

  10. actually tomorrow is my interschool match

  11. Slide the queen and bait it their gonna take big mistake resign now

  12. White: pawn d4
    Me: "Lmao imma win" pawn e5
    White: "Uses different move"
    Me: Oh shit-

  13. *The person who said, nah it's hard-
    Bruh what the heck I didn't understand a thing 😂😂

  14. Just let him take the bishop and use night to catch white bishop

  15. My friends are to dumb to make the moves to set this up

  16. I just tried it, it works.
    My opponent got so scared he left instantly

  17. You should never play the Englund Gambit. Terrible opening, litterally losing by force.

  18. Can anyone explain the reason why white didnt take the bishop first?

  19. my man really be sleepin……mf he can defend his king with knight tether than queen

  20. Ah yes Levy Pinkman, my favourite chess character

  21. Other 14.587352 possibilities left the chat

  22. When queen went to B4, why didn't the white C2 pawn move to C3. I don't play chess so maybe I didn't see something but it seemed logical to me

  23. POV u got tempted by the free Queen and threw the game

  24. Do ppl notice these shorts are cut to be in a loop??

  25. Well whats the chance that in any chess game the 8 moves are exactly like that from your opp

  26. Bro. My freind asked me for help in a chess game bro his king was screwed but I still won bc I put rook to take queen and bishop pinned the king check mate

  27. me: takes the queen instead of getting mate in 1

  28. Yes, I quite enjoy chess. It's a good pass time in between working on physics.

  29. Levy with beanie looks like skinny Pete from breaking bad

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