WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. Just started tho I’m still pretty bad at chess

  2. Can’t the white bishop just take the Queen? Edit: never mind I just realized 😂

  3. but bro what if he moves the knight and coneect the queen and rook

  4. Never let them know your next move :
    Kills queen

  5. what if instead of Bc3 white play Nc3

  6. And what happens when they take the bishop with the knight instead of the queen

  7. Bruh if he takes bishop with knight then😂😂

  8. What if he plays Nc3 instead pf Bc3 his queen protects his rook so he will be defended

  9. When the bishop has the bishop pinned and you get the bishop, why doesn’t he just get your Bishop with the knight? I don’t think people are this stupid.

  10. Советский манч [Communist Egg Bloc] says:

    Something bad gonna happen

  11. I just got battered 2 times in a row by this gambit ☠️

  12. I want to win a chess game in just 8 moves and for that I want gothamchess to play with me as white with exactly the same moves as shown in this short video.

  13. Cant the pawn just move up twice taking out the queen?

  14. i tried this and all it was doing was pawn to 2b

  15. If white bishap take our bishap then what

  16. Chess is to hard…. me thinking checkers is harder

  17. Just remove the knight…the queen 's there defending the rook🙃

  18. Gotham in Shorts: you wanna play chess? Of course you want to! You're the smartest person in your family and you are secretly talented! Here's how you can start your chess career little buddy!

    Gotham in Videos: if you move your rook here I will disown you just like how your parents disowned you when you started playing chess

  19. And when the opponent plays knight c3 as apposed to queen c3?

  20. in real chess no one will defend with his knight if he has pawn to do that

  21. POV: after Qe7, they give up the pawn
    Me: free pawn

  22. Plays against grandmaster out of nowhere: 🏃💨

  23. ♥︎𝒰𝒸𝒽𝒾𝒽𝒶 𝒮𝒶𝓈𝓊𝓀ℯ ♥︎ says:

    Bro forgotten about the knight that can take

  24. But before you scroll let me just ask, have you ever tried to play chess?

    How do you split videos like that

  25. But what if they take with their knight instead of queen?

  26. what if enemy doesn't move bishop/knight 😢

  27. Yo i literally did this last night 😮

  28. I love your videos But now you are not right because white play KNIGHT c3 and not bishop c3

  29. what if the white bishop takes the the black bishop .please tell me the answer

  30. The problem with these tutorials is that it's very unlikely that the enemy will actually make the moves you want him to

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