Win Fast: Chess trap to checkmate in 7 moves! – chess tricks #chess #shorts

This trap is called BlackBurne Shilling Gambit. You can play this chess trap with black pieces and win in 7 moves only! #chess #shorts


  1. No the checkmate because the horse can kill the bishop

  2. If my opponent captures the knight,I will capture his pawn and then we will not able to use this trick.

  3. He just moved bishup vertically to show his strategy 😂😂

  4. The opponent can capture your knight instead of capturing your pawn

  5. My opponents are not smart enough to move like that 💀💀💀

  6. what will happen if my opponent eats my kn

  7. What if opponent pick up knight instead of trape

  8. Player will not kill the pawn by knight it will kill the queen by queen

  9. Smothered mate, nice! 😊

  10. In this trap knight can take our knight

  11. 7 moves
    The message is clear
    Thala for a reason

  12. DONT TRY!!! what if the opponent blocks the check by their queen?

  13. Thx for the tip, now i am in my 10th losing streak by trying to use this checkmate method💀💀

  14. सामने wala to हमारे हिसाब से hi moov krega 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. I love hearing chess strategy in Indian English accent.

  16. No bro when the black knight is moved for d4 the white knight can easyly take the black knight 😂

  17. No you wanna move to where the queen can get out

  18. But it's not free pawn! It's free knight

  19. 国际象棋的小马扑槽

  20. Check kurt cobain on the queen of autumn arizona

  21. Dhur vai apnar ai moves try korei r o kharap khelsi purai here gesi..aisob chal dipur opor khatena..ok haranor jonno notun kono video upload diyen..😑

  22. Chutney. Noob 😅😅😅😅

  23. With offering hi, a free pawn, you also offer a free house

  24. This is not a good trap what if he takes my knight

  25. Trade knight ¿???¿??¿?¿????????

  26. actually the bishep can defeat the night look closely😅

  27. That is not the queen that is the minister

  28. If I were white no matter I am losing my Knight but I would have surely taken the black knight sacrificing mine

  29. What are e5, g4…etc…?!🤔 explain bro…

  30. What if my opponent knows how to play chess 💀

  31. You can do a 4 move checkmate which is scholar's mate

  32. The other guy could take the knight if he knows it

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