xQc Gets Checkmated by MoistCr1tikal in 6 Moves! | Chess.com PogChamps

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xQc ( @xQcOW ) gets checkmated by MoistCr1tikal (@penguinz0) in 6 moves in Pogchamps Round 2 of the Chess.com tournament. Let’s just say the chess game didn’t last long. Prior to the game, MoistCr1tikal was coached by GM Daniel Naroditsky who told him to risk it and go for this quick checkmate against xQc and boy did it pay off. After non-stop trash talk from both players in the build-up, the result shocked the chess world, becoming the most-watched chess clip ever captured on Twitch within hours of the game’s completion.

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  1. Everybody gangsta before the last move with under 10 seconds in the game. The unmute part is hilarious, and the way he immediately asks what is the other xqc chat saying🤣🤣🙌

  2. The best part of this is that out of all the people to get checkmated in 6 moves on stream, it was XQC

  3. That's a hell of a misery for Nakamura to sit there and watch such a horrible game of chess

  4. Hikaru: Shocked and Speechless
    Botez: Trying not to laugh
    XqC: Depressed
    Charlie: T H R O B B I N G


  6. This is probably a top 10 moment in eSports history.

  7. "We didn't even reach a climax"
    Charlie sure did…

  8. this shit is gonna live rent free in xqc’s head forever lmao, not only getting 6 moved live for everyone to see but also disappointing a chess grandmaster (that taught him for hours) to the point of speechlessness.

  9. i google searched "A throbbing win" and was not disappointed.

  10. I mean hey if it makes him feel any better Schlatt lost a game of chess in 2 moves so

  11. Dude at this moment 1:21 I heard the meme voice "*WOOoOooooOoOOo*"
    In my head 💀💀💀

  12. the part 1:10 where charlie is like YESSS is hilarious because you cant hear him but you know what hes saying lol

  13. “We didn’t even reach a climax”

    Well YOU might not have, but someone visibly did

  14. 'what is xQc's chat saying right now' 😂

  15. All the time watching this, I just realized that’s Alex Botez

  16. Hikaru from professionally analysing what moves they’ll play to completely realising wtf just happened made him fake freeze

  17. Botez: "We didn't even reach the climax."
    Charlie: climaxes on mute

  18. "We haven't even reached a climax yet"
    Well, Charlie certainly did

  19. Charlie and sneako should settle the score in a game of chess

  20. I got beaten in chess like this… ON ROBLOX 💀

  21. Xqc could've not checkmated if he used Queend2 to defend the f2 position, it will be like trading of the two queens, oh well I'm only on 300 elo so I don't have a say to this

  22. Going to Charlie’s audio is like blundering a queen

  23. "We didn't even reach a climax."
    I'm pretty sure Charlie just did.

  24. it's so funny how hikaru never speaked again

  25. 1:10 Wooooo! Yea baby, that's what I've been waiting for! That's what its all about! Yeaaaa!!!!!

  26. Charlie’s reaction is even funnier because it muted

  27. The my dick is throbbing and that girls cheeky laugh 😂

  28. I didn't think that clip of the guy sacrificing his king against Hikaru could be beat.

  29. Well he was alright because he was playing John wick

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